Everyday i meet new people who have no idea about #aspergers #females #girls and i got in conversations explaining  the whole thing time & time again .Iraq have been affected by widely spreading disability  in the recent three decade , Autism  is widely spreading but ignorance is still there .The concept of treatment after diagnosis is dependant on religious  myths & witch crafting .As a parent I was so anxious to involve myself in the process of training of autistic children cause i have an autistic son Mohamed .My eagerness led me to join twitter to search for knowledge to meet people & share experiences .this passion led me to recognize the important role of psychology  (mental health) treatment .i began reading bloggers on asperger syndrome  until it was clear to me that families share those traits . close members in my family where aspergers who moved through life undiagnosed .me & my brother fit in the Spectrum Traits that was so obvious.Image