Being on the autism spectrum i just want to argue empathizing-systemizing’ theory of psychological individual differences,,, I read it once then twice behavior pattern

Extraverted Intuition its my kind of way to thinking am not empathizer nor systematizer . I thought strongly this is wrong I do look for patterns in Music , Movies to find definitions for the things that I lack mostly ,,understanding words definitions of feelings why sometimes a simple word can change a person attitude & behavior ,,understanding social cues the unsolved mystery that my mind can’t perform quickly respond to other people social interaction .

This is the right definition Extraverted Intuition  deals with experiencing the outer world, noticing possibilities, and what could be. It deals with seeing how all things in life are interrelated, and allows the user to see the world in multiple different perspectives.

am quoting this which i see most relevant to my system of thinking . Extraverted Intuition is always seeing possibilities. They always want to know “what could be”. They are adept at understanding the external environment, but they always want to take it one step further. They wonder, “if I change this, what will happen?Extraverted Intuition (Ne)

To me the case was always a challenge of personal growth , I wanted to emphasise by systematizing everything even feelings words & music .

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, and this where i got stuck with its not right not on the autism spectrum said ; “This new study is a fascinating extension to the ’empathizing-systemizing’ theory of psychological individual differences. It took a talented Ph.D. student and musician to even think to pose this question.

“The research may help us understand those at the extremes, such as people with autism, who are strong systemized.”Musical Preferences Can Indicate Cognitive Style